UCL University College London
UCL has been named the Sunday Times by the world-class intellectual generator of ideas. The UCL has given the world 26 Nobel laureates and every decade since the creation of…

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Research University
More than 15 sports teams represent the university in the competitions of the Third Division of the National University Sports Association (basketball and wrestling programs are especially strong). First-year students…

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Student career development
The university campus, which includes faculties, colleges, dormitories, research centers and institutes, occupies a significant part of the city. Once at a university in Cambridge, a visitor, as if spellbound,…

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Oxford University

Founded at the end of the 11th century, the University of Oxford is the oldest institution of higher education not only in Great Britain, but also in Europe. Today, more than a quarter of Oxford students are foreigners.

The University of Oxford (Oxford University or University of Oxford) has consistently held a leading position in the ranking of the best universities in the world, sometimes losing and sometimes overtaking its closest competitors – Cambridge and Harvard. Every year, millions of tourists come to watch the traditional May Day holiday in Oxford, see Christ Church College, where Harry Potter was filmed and Alice in Wonderland was written and enjoy the medieval atmosphere of a unique ancient university.

Oxford’s teachers and graduates include 40 Nobel laureates, 25 British prime ministers, 6 kings, 12 saints, about 50 Olympic medalists, about 20 managers of the 100 largest businesses in the world (FTSE 100), thousands of leading politicians, scientists, people of literature and art. Famous figures such as Margarit Thatcher, Lewis Carroll, John Tolkien, Clive Steple Lewis, Tony Blair, Felix Yusupov and many others were trained and taught here. Oxford University has left its mark on the history of Russian science and literature. Honorary degrees of the university were received by such Russian writers as V. Zhukovsky, I. Turgenev, K. Chukovsky, A. Akhmatova and I. Brodsky.

Year of foundation 1096. Location of Central England. The number of students is 24,640. Student satisfaction is 92%.

Academic specialization
Despite the fact that the main emphasis at the University of Oxford is on the humanities, here you can also successfully engage in the exact sciences, law, art, music, environmental protection, medicine and many other disciplines.

The school year in Oxford begins in October and is divided into three semesters (trimesters): Miklmass (autumn), Hilary (winter) and Trinity (spring). During the year, the student attends lectures, seminars, practical and laboratory classes, as well as tutorials – special individual lessons with the teacher.

The staff of Oxford teachers is so large that an average of 4-5 students per lecturer. Due to the unique system of tutoring (individual custody of a student), each applicant receives a set of not only basic, but also specialized knowledge.

Oxford University is divided into faculties and 38 colleges, as well as the so-called “dormitories” (halls of residence). Upon admission, special attention should be paid not only to the choice of the direction of education, but also to the selection of the college. Visiting lectures and seminars at the faculty, the student spends most of his free time in college; The student’s social, sports and everyday life takes place there. Each college is a separate structure, in which there are dormitories, a library, a computer center, lecture buildings, sports and gyms, a park, a dining room, a choir, a theater, a music room, a chapel and much more. That is why, when submitting documents for admission to the University of Oxford, it is extremely important to choose the exact college that best suits your taste.

When choosing a college, you should pay attention to the following factors:

college academic profile,
provision of a place in the hostel,
The most common way to prepare international students at Oxford is through a two-year course that English students usually take in the last 2 years of pre-university education. It is called GCE Advanced Level or abbreviated A-levels. Oxford Tutorial College is one of the UK’s leading independent colleges for preparing students for A-Levels exams. The standard A-levels training course at Oxford Tutorial College can be done in the form of small group or individual lessons, or you can combine both forms.

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