University of Reading
Reading University has a rich history: it was founded in 1892, and in 1926 received the Royal Charter, giving the right to assign academic degrees. Over the years, the university…

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Harvard University
Harvard is the oldest educational institution in the United States, named after its first philanthropist, John Harvard. For many years, the University has been confidently holding the first place in…

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Imagine a student who reads textbooks for 20 hours, takes classes and writes notes, and sleeps for the remaining 4 hours. After four years of living in this mode for…

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Student Life at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The MIT Recreational Sports division offers students and members of the institute community a variety of leisure programs:

Every week, more than 40 various group classes are held in the campus, including yoga, Pilates, strength training, cycling, core-board classes and others;
Educational sports programs, including individual training in squash, swimming, ice skating, golf, classes with a trainer in the hall;
Capoeira, hip hop, belly dance, intense interval training and running;
Massage as a method of dealing with stress and preventing injuries;
In addition, classes are held with American Red Cross trainers on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, on the programs “Rescue on the water”, “Swimming for beginners” and “First aid”

Special classes are available throughout the campus, including Zumba Fitness, kickboxing, Dodgeball (bouncers), three-to-three street basketball. Students have at their disposal massage chairs installed in all sports facilities of the campus.

Student Accommodation
There are currently 3,370 students living on campus. More than 1,900 graduate students live in five dormitories on the MIT campus – Ashdown House, Edgerton House, Sidney-Pacific, Tang Hall and Warehou.

Most graduate students live on campus in one of the 11 MIT dormitories or in the buildings of one of 39 dormitories: the official Greek communities, women’s communities and self-organized, living groups. All freshmen should live in one of the hostels of the institute itself – with the exception of those who come to study from home. Each dormitory has a head – as a rule, it is a senior teacher of a faculty or a graduate student.

Students can stay on campus after the first year of study or move to a community, women’s community, or cohabitation group.

The university also offers family hostels: in two buildings of the residential complex, Westgate and Eastgate, there are more than 400 bachelors, masters and graduate students with families.

Student career development
Student Financial Services (SFS) staff work with students and employers at MIT and beyond. They compile lists of available student vacancies, including paid public service jobs.

Students find suitable employment options, they are assisted in filling out the documents necessary for applying for a job and fulfilling other requirements. The service also draws up supporting documents for the employment of former MIT students during their studies to be provided to potential employers.

New Jersey Institute of Technology
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Student career development
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