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Student life saturation
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Education abroad has long been a reality for Ukrainian applicants. Today anyone who seeks knowledge and speaks a good foreign language can receive a diploma from a European university. In addition, a large number of scholarships and grants are designed to help creative and diligent youth to develop modern science.

If you have a Ukrainian diploma and a desire to increase your scientific achievements in Europe, students from Ukraine can count on a scholarship or grant.And Austria fits this unconditionally. Firstly, it is a highly developed country that invests heavily in education. Secondly, the Austrian educational tradition is known from the Middle Ages.

Both bachelors and masters can receive scholarships. Scholarships are allocated by several organizations, the most popular of which are OEAD and GRANTS.AT. They publish all open grants for training on their websites. And the student newspaper of Vienna University regularly publishes data on available scholarships.

Below we consider what Austrian federal grants can be counted on.

Scholarship CAG

Students – bachelors and masters who study electronics, electrical engineering, computer modeling, information technology and telecommunications, can apply for a CAG scholarship and study at a higher school in St. Pelten.

The grant is issued for the entire period of study and amounts to 2,000 euros per year. The grant also covers the cost of training (726 euros per year) and accommodation in a hostel (240 euros per month).

Requirements for candidates:

Excellent command of German and English;
complete secondary education;
successfully passed the entrance exam.
You can apply for a grant throughout the year.

Austrian grant

An Austrian grant can be obtained by university graduates who continue their studies or are engaged in research with the aim of obtaining a candidate degree outside of Austria. The main requirement at the time of receiving the grant is that the topic of research should be related to Austria.

Applicants can apply for a grant in the fields of natural, technical, social, humanities, law, economics, medicine, veterinary medicine, agriculture, and the fine arts.

Graduate students and university teachers can receive a grant. If you are only in the process of obtaining a Ph.D., then this status must be confirmed by an official document of the institution in which you study.

Requirements for candidates:

sufficient knowledge of the German language and terminology on their subject (if further research development will take place in English – the requirements are the same):
age to 35 years.
In addition, the study must be carefully planned and prepared in such a way that it could be carried out in Austria.

The scholarship is paid throughout the year and amounts to:

for university graduates – 940 euros;
for candidates of sciences older than 30 years – 1040 euros;
Candidates from countries that are developing and are not members of the EU will receive an additional subsidy for transport costs in the amount of 730 Euros along with the first scholarship in Austria.
The deadline for submitting applications is March 20 of each year.

Ernst Mach Scholarship

If you are a graduate student or a young scientist under the age of 35 years and studying natural, technical, medical, humanitarian or economic sciences, you can count on Ernst Mach scholarship. Ernst Mach (1838 – 1916) – Austrian physicist and philosopher. He discovered and investigated a specific wave process, which over time was called the “shock wave”. He was an opponent of atomic theory.

The duration of the program is usually from 1 to 9 months. Applications are submitted from October to March 1 annually.

The scholarship amount is:

for graduate students – 940 euros
for scientists with a Ph.D. degree after 30 years – 1040 euros.
All who receive a scholarship are exempt from tuition. If necessary, they can be provided with housing in a hostel, the cost of living in which is monthly calculated from the grant.

Requirements for candidates:

age not more than 35 years at the time of application;
good knowledge of English or German;
strong reason why you should conduct research in Austria.

Required documents:

two letters of recommendation from teachers with the seal of the higher educational institution and the date (signed no earlier than 6 months before the application);
The consent of the teacher from Austria, who will become your curator;
copy of the passport;
copy of the diploma.

Berta von Zutner Scholarship

If you intend to continue studying the humanities and linguistics, you can try to get a scholarship named after Bertha von Zutner (1843-1914), an Austrian short-story writer, a radical pacifist and the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Zutner participated in numerous conferences of peace forces, and often proved to be the only female delegate.

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