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Graz Medical University

What can be said about the university, where there are almost twice as many teachers as students? Only that the scientific activity there is very well developed, and teachers can devote enough time to each student. Actually, this is how it works at the Graz Medical University: mentoring of teachers, focus on practical exercises, individual approach to students.

It is important that you can enter the Medical University in Graz immediately after graduating from the Ukrainian school. The most important about Graz medical read below.

Original title Medizinische Universität Graz
Number of students 968
Number of teachers 1,499
Ranking in Austria 9th
Tuition fees 745 euros per semester

History of University

Graz Medical University was founded by Franz Joseph I in 1863.

It is difficult to tell how much has happened at Graz Medical University during its existence (as much as 155 years, after all). We will not try. But at least we will tell you that:

In the year of foundation, 11 professors taught at the university, each of whom specialized in different disciplines. Among the disciplines were physiology, surgery, obstetrics, ophthalmology and even forensic medicine.
The first X-ray machine and the first ECG appeared at Graz Medical University in 1897.
In 1900, the university began accepting women to study. The first girl to receive a medical education in Austria was Dr. Maria Schumaister.
In 1950, the university began to master neurosurgery and created a special department for this.
From 1993 to 2001, the management of the University of Graz Medical University established university hospitals for traumatology, psychology and psychotherapy, radiotherapy and orthopedic surgery.

Benefits of studying at Graz Medical University

This university is available for Ukrainian applicants. You will not be able to enter any Austrian university immediately after graduating from school in Ukraine. And in medical in Graz you can.

The fact is that the training systems in Austria and Ukraine are different. To enter an Austrian university, you will have to:

Study for a year at a Ukrainian university and only then go to Austrian, or
To study for a year in the Austrian Studienkolleg (something like preparing for admission) and then go to university.
Graz Medical University has no such requirements. You can enter it immediately after school and, accordingly, do not lose a whole year. If you, of course, are in a hurry to get a decent education;)

Medicine is developing, and the University of Graz is also developing. It’s hard to say whether it’s foot to foot, because science is developing very rapidly. However, the university staff does everything so that students receive relevant knowledge.

At Medical University, training is effective. Students have access to laboratories, teachers – practicing doctors or researchers in medicine.

In addition, the university has a mentoring system. This is when the teacher personally supports the student in his professional development. Supports individually. If you are interested in learning something direct (for example, your scientific interests deviate from the basic program), a mentor will help you. In particular, such a mentoring system takes into account the fact that each student perceives information differently.

Areas of study

Graduation programs:

“Medicine” (Das Diplomstudium Humanmedizin)
Dentistry (Das Studium der Zahnmedizin)
Bachelor and Master’s Program in Patient Care (Pflegewissenschaft)

A list of master’s and postgraduate programs can be found here:

University programs are designed so that students after studying general programs can narrow their own specialization (for example, there are master’s programs in dermatology or diabetes care).

In addition, the PhD program and the doctoral program of Medical Science can be completed at Graz Medical University.

When to apply? What to do?

The following time intervals are reserved for submitting documents:

July 2 – September 5
January 2 – February 5
Graduation at Graz Medical University begins in October, regardless of when you apply.

Admission Terms

The entrance exam at the Medical University is called MedAT. It consists of four parts. To pass the exam, you will need knowledge in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. The exam also tests your quick wits, logic, thinking skills and your soft skills.

The exam takes the form of a test (that is, you always need to choose the right option from the ones offered). You can take it once a year, in German.

To enter the university you also need to confirm knowledge of the German language at the C1 level.

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