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Getting a medical education in Germany is prestigious; this difficult path is worth it to go through. You can learn a future profession and gain practical skills: the level of education in Germany is high. The program includes a lot of practice, and teachers of German universities – practicing doctors or researchers. They are certainly experts in their field.

What is also important to know about German education:

Education at German state universities is free. Students pay only a fee for each semester. The amount of the contribution – from 100 to 400 euros
In addition, in parallel with studies, students can work and thus partially support themselves.
You can absorb the values ​​of European universities, live abroad and expand your circle of acquaintances.
Students should not be afraid of the German language. It is quite possible to pull the language to the right level in two years. If you want to do it, start learning German now!
All the most important things you need to know when entering a German university, we have collected below.


Medical education in Germany for Ukrainians
German medical universities are available for international applicants. According to German authorities, cultural communication has a good effect on education and science.

There are two options to enter the universities of Germany and get a medical education.

The first option: to enter a Ukrainian university and study there for a year. For you, this will equalize the difference in the number of school years in Germany and in Ukraine. After that, you can immediately go to a German university.

The second option: go to study at Studienkolleg immediately after school. At college, you are preparing to enter a German university. Studying colleagues are different depending on which direction you choose: humanitarian, economic or natural sciences.

Cost of education
Education at state German universities is free. Students pay only a semester fee, and it ranges from 100 to 400 euros.

Cost of living in Germany
High-quality education, comfortable living conditions: living in Germany is more expensive than ours. But you can optimize your budget.
University of Heidelberg in Germany

Work and study in Germany
There is an opportunity to find a job. Officially, students are allowed to work 20 hours a week. And we advise you not to miss this opportunity:

You will tighten your spoken German.
Working as a handyman is a good experience, and it will also reduce living expenses in Germany
In senior courses, you can work by profession.
The education system in Germany is different from ours. Students themselves create a schedule for their studies – this allows you to plan everything in such a way as to be in time with study and earn extra money in parallel.

Entry exams
We have good news: there are no entrance exams to German universities. They are only for entering student studios and are not difficult.

To enter a German university you will need:

Know German at a high level (B2 and higher).
Confirm knowledge of German with language certificates (TestDaf and DSH are suitable).
Good grades from school, university or student colleges, depending on how you will do. The competition for training in medical specialties is very large, respectively, the points of your certificate are important.

Wilhelm University of Westphalia

The structure of medical education in Germany
The whole process of studying in Germany lasts about 12-13 months (depending on the federal state where you will study). Six years of study – and you are a graduate. You can divide the training into three stages:

The preclinical stage lasts two years (four semesters).
What they teach: natural, medical and human sciences, provide first aid and care for the sick. In the end, you need to go through a little practice and pass the state exam (Staatsexamen).
The clinical stage lasts three years (six semesters). What they teach: disciplines in general pathology, methods of medical and laboratory examination. Students study microbiology, general pathology, orthopedics, emergency medicine, gynecology, pharmacology and other sciences. The clinical phase also ends with a state exam.
Year of practice and final state exam.
Students undergo practical training at the clinical stage in three stages of 30 days each. Practical activities are supervised by the current doctor, and it also includes participation in conferences and ambulance duty. It is interesting that you can go through it in different areas of medicine: for example, in general practice with a family doctor or in surgery – you choose.

University Hospital Karl Gustav Carus in Dresden

List of medical universities in Germany
The best of them were determined by CHE (Center for Higher Education). He is considered one of the most comprehensive and detailed ratings of higher institutions.

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