Entry Requirements
Entry Requirements Generalized entry requirements for programs. First higher education To enroll in a first higher education program, the following is required: Certificate of complete secondary education and the successful…

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Education abroad has long been a reality for Ukrainian applicants. Today anyone who seeks knowledge and speaks a good foreign language can receive a diploma from a European university. In…

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Imperial College London
Imperial College London for many years in the lead in the world rankings as one of the best high-tech technical universities in the world. The main specialization is science, medicine…

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The changes frighten many, especially such cardinal ones as entering a university abroad. Unfamiliar society, unknown rules of the game – everything is not like ours. But the most important thing is not even that. Losing money is the greatest fear of everyone who wants to try their luck at a foreign university. We propose to analyze all the real and mythical fears and risks of foreign alma mater applicants and determine the optimal ways of admission.

1. Austrian and German universities are expensive
For some, it will be a pleasant surprise that higher education in Germany is completely free. In this country, a student only needs to pay a semester fee – approximately 300 euros. This is the cost of textbooks, handouts and other “chips” that the university provides.

As for Austria, the conditions here are a little stricter: training will cost almost 740 euros. But everything is relative. For example, the cost of a semester at the Kiev National Economic University (KNEU) or the National Technical University (KPI) is on average about $ 500. That is, for the difference of $ 250 you will receive an education that cannot be compared to Ukrainian.

2. Living in Europe is expensive
Of course, renting a house in Vienna or Dresden will cost a little more than in Piryatin or Shepetovka. For example, in Bamberg (Germany) to rent an apartment costs from 400 euros (by the way, prices are not much higher than Kiev). Therefore, we decided to take over the guarantee of the settlement of our customers. It can be a hostel, apartment or apartment. And most importantly, it will work out at 270-330 euros per month. That is, it will save about 1000 euros per year.

3. Due to incorrectly filled out documents, they may be refused admission
Indeed, in Europe, Her Majesty the bureaucracy reigns, therefore, difficulties may arise with documents. To apply for admission to the university, you will have to pay a fee. If you don’t succeed, you will not be refunded.

But you should not be afraid anyway, because you have two whole ways to get around this obstacle. The first is to find someone who is already studying there and fill out the documents yourself. The second is to seek help from an agency that does this professionally. We annually fill out documents for admission more than a hundred times. We carefully check each document several times, so there is no chance of errors!

4. May not give a visa
We should not forget that the Ukrainian visa-free visa works only for tourist trips, therefore, for official studies in Germany or Austria you need to get a visa of the corresponding country. To do this, you must provide documents confirming the presence of 9000 euros in the account. This is a fairly tangible amount for most Ukrainian citizens. However, in fact, living can be cheaper. So, in Dresden it is quite possible to live a year for 7000 euros. That is, the difference between what is necessary for bureaucrats and what is necessary for you is significant, but this is a requirement of local law.

Separately, it should be noted that the money must be in the account in a German bank. To do this, open a blocked account there. Remote opening costs about 150 euros, maintenance – almost another 100 euros per year. A SWIFT transfer will also eat 1-2% (approximately 150 euros). If the visa is refused, you need to transfer the money back – another 150 euros. That is, when applying for a visa, the risk is 450-500 euros. This makes it especially important that the rest of the documents required for the visa are ideally executed. It’s not that Europeans didn’t like us, but in fact there were cases of visa denial to very wealthy applicants only because of bureaucratic nuances. Our team has sufficient experience in this matter. Therefore, we provide a positive solution in visa matters in 99% of cases. Unfortunately, nobody will give you a 100% guarantee.

5. Learning will be too complicated
As in any Ukrainian university, in Western European universities the first semester is the most difficult. And the point is not that it is then that the most complex subjects are taught, you just find yourself in an unfamiliar world, which is also very interesting. In addition to training, it has a large number of acquaintances, parties and parties. This is a real danger 🙂 In order not to forget about studying in this whirlpool, develop internal discipline in advance. And do not forget: did the thing – walk boldly. Then success is guaranteed.

In addition, after consulting with our specialists, you can choose the most interesting university for you. This will help a lot in learning, because gaining knowledge is valuable in itself only when it arouses your interest. And wise people say that success can only be achieved in an area that inspires you.

6. In Europe, especially in Germany, it is dangerous due to the dominance of migrants
It is rather a myth. The statistics of the German Federal Criminal Police Office indicate an unprecedented decline in the level of criminal offenses in this country. Today, the situation with crimes in Germany is the calmest since 1992.

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