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All about Vienna Technical University: tuition fees, facilities and faculties
Original title Technische Universität Wien (TU Wien)
Number of students: ≈ 18000
Number of faculties: 8
Rating in Austria: 3
Tuition: ≈ ​​750 € / semester
Established: 1815
Country: Austria
City: Vіden
The Technical University of Vienna is Austria’s main institution of higher education involved in the training of specialists in the fields of engineering and natural sciences. The university is one of the three most prestigious universities in Austria, collaborates with the best technical universities in the world, and most importantly – provides a quality education, on the basis of which more than one generation of entrepreneurs and reputable scientists has “grown”. In 2015, the school celebrated 200 years.

History of University
The Technical University of Vienna was founded in 1915 by Franz Joseph II under the name “Royal Imperial Polytechnic Institute”. The first freely elected rector in the institution appeared in 1866. Over time, the university was renamed the Higher Technical School, and it got its modern name in 1975. Today, the university has a unique Technical Museum, where you can see both old rare equipment and the latest innovations in robotics and electronics.

Benefits of Studying at Vienna Technical University
Technical University of Vienna offers faculty training:

architecture and urban planning;
electronics and information technology;
mechanical engineering;
mathematics and geoinformatics;
technical chemistry;
computer science;
Unlike most public universities with a classical theoretical education, Vienna University of Technology focuses on practical training. University students undergo internships at industrial enterprises, participate in scientific developments, work with orders of existing enterprises.

For more than 200 years of the university’s existence, many well-known engineers have “grown” within its walls. Vienna Technical University is always at the center of new scientific achievements: university teachers and students closely monitor global technological innovations and regularly make their own contribution to the development of science. The most powerful in terms of scientific preparation are the faculties of engineering, mathematics, computer technology and urban planning. Biomedicine, mathematical modeling, quantum optics, mechanical engineering, chemistry are the directions that are most “rich” in successful researchers.

The university constantly encourages students to participate in domestic university and international projects. The educational institution closely cooperates with foreign scientific centers and well-known technical universities – Stanford University, Munich Technical University, Massachusetts Technical University and others.

Technical University is proud of its graduates. Among them, Ferdinand Arthur Porsche, the famous German designer of armored and automotive vehicles, the founder of Porsche; the famous Austrian architect Ferdinand Fellner, who designed and built more than 48 theaters in the capitals of Central Europe; Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Richard Zigmondy; physicist Christian Doppler, known for the discovery of the “Doppler effect” and others. The brilliant composers Joseph and Johann Strauss also studied here, and even made a number of engineering discoveries.

Successful graduates of our times are the first Austrian astronaut Franz Fiebeck, as well as well-known businessmen, researchers and public figures in Austria and the world, Wolfgang Antsengruber, Susanna Zapreva, Theresa Vogel-Laner and others.

Student Life at Vienna Technical University
Studying at the Vienna Technical University, students have the opportunity to conduct research work in laboratories and centers equipped with modern high-tech equipment. The educational institution has several basic research centers at once, such as a center of electron microscopy, an X-ray center, a room for low-temperature research, as well as a huge library.

Vienna Technical University has two orchestras, its own choir, to which students who are interested in music and singing can join. In addition, every year the institution organizes a solemn university ball – TU Ball. And every summer at the university there is a grand party – TU Hoffest.

Application deadlines and admission to the Vienna Technical University
For admission to OKU “Bachelor” and OKU “Master”:

● Winter semester: through September 5th.

● Summer term: February 5th.

Admission conditions and tuition fees at Vienna Technical University
In order to be able to enter Vienna Technical University, you must:

● Proficient in German at level B2 or higher (according to CEFR). The university offers applicants to take annual language courses, after which the student passes the exam and is enrolled in the first year. Everyone who speaks good German, but has not received an assessment of the required level for the test, can sign up for express courses lasting six months.

● Have a certificate of completed secondary education and an application with grades – for those who apply for undergraduate studies. A bachelor’s diploma for applicants for a magistracy, or a master’s for doctoral studies, with grades for all years of study. Documents must be legalized and translated.

● Fill in the university application form in writing (can be downloaded on the website). In addition, you can provide a resume and letters of recommendation from school teachers – this is not necessary, but welcomed by the selection committee.

● Certificate (Nachweis der besonderen Universitätsreife), which confirms the right of the applicant to enter a Ukrainian university for a specialty that he plans to study in Austria. It is provided by a higher educational institution of Ukraine, where you can enter the same faculty as at an Austrian university.

● Applicants to English language courses must have a TOEFL certificate with a score of at least 87 points, or IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5.

● Pass entrance exams (for the departments of chemistry, computer technology and construction).

Tuition at Vienna Technical University is approximately 727 €. In addition to this amount, you will also have to pay a student union fee of € 19.20 per semester. On average, you will need to spend about $ 360 a month on housing, another $ 200 minimum on food and travel.

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