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Chalmers University of Technology

Founded in 1829, Chalmers University of Technology has two campuses (Johanneberg and Lindholmen) near the city center of Gothenburg in Sweden. The university offers a wide selection of master’s programs – full-time and on the basis of the university center for online education.

The university combines 13 faculties with programs in science and technology, shipbuilding, architecture, etc. Chalmers is ranked 125th in the 2019 QS World University Rankings.

It is one of the hundred universities that provide the best engineering and technical education (QS ranking in subject areas) and leads in the reputation rating of Swedish universities in 2018 (Kantar Sifo). The inspiring, friendly and prosperous Gothenburg is an ideal place to study. Something interesting always happens here, students have something to do. Gothenburg has historically formed itself as an industrial center, and graduates here have good career prospects and employment opportunities.

With the student union of the university there are a large number of clubs and societies (from singing to sports), and everyone can find an interesting hobby for themselves. The orientation week at the beginning of the academic year helps beginners quickly adapt to the university.

Chalmers is one of the top hundred universities in the QS Global Graduate Employment Rankings. The University Career Planning Service provides students with comprehensive support, from helping with an impressive resume to finding a job. Throughout the year, the university hosts job fairs at which students meet with employers and specialists from various industries.

The high quality of education at the university is also confirmed by the grade “A” in the ranking of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He ranks Chalmers among the top 10 engineering universities in the world. When the Swedish Higher Education Authority evaluated the integration of the concept of sustainable development into the programs of Swedish universities, it included Chalmers in 25% of the most successful universities in this regard.

Average cost per year
1 year expenses
Cost of living
Housing costs
The flagship of interdisciplinary education
A review by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which ranks Chalmers as one of the top 10 engineering universities in the world, highlights interdisciplinary university programs and impeccable teaching quality.

Robotic arm prosthesis
Ulf Karlsson, who lost his arm in an accident at sea, uses a robotic prosthesis developed by Chalmers, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and Integrum. Ulf Karlsson is one of only four people in the world who can control his prosthesis and feel it like a real hand. The prosthesis developed for Ulf was awarded the reputable award in the field of medical technology – the Henry Wollman Prize.

The most international university
For the third year in a row, the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Science and Higher Education assigns Chalmers five stars in the ranking of the most international universities (2019).

New course – preparing for the future
A new university initiative, Tracks (trajectory, direction), develops an interdisciplinary and individualized education. Its goal is the formation of a new generation of professionals capable of solving tomorrow’s complex tasks in such areas as energy supply, transport and environmental management.

Student Self-Driving Racing Car
Chalmers is admitted to the prestigious student competition “Unmanned Formula”. For their car, university students have developed a unique software and hope to win.

Astronomical elite of the world
For the first time, two scientists working in the same unit of the university were awarded a grant from the European Research Council (advanced grant – for the most serious scientists). The UIS has funded two 5-year research projects exploring supermassive black holes and massive stars.

Genie Project
A project with a budget of 300 million SEK covers the period from 2019 to 2028. Its goal is a fair gender balance, effectiveness and the best working conditions.

Ongoing projects
The Five Star Campus Initiative implements the principles of sustainable development on university campuses. It combines several projects and includes a serious informational and educational component.

University structure
Introducing the faculties of the university:

Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering
He is engaged in various fields – from engineering and technical sciences to creative research in the field of design.

Faculty of Mathematical Sciences
Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg are leaders in mathematics education and mathematical research.

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