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Traditions are abundant
Traditions Traditions are in abundance in almost every college and university, but in Caltech they are not centered around ancient hymns or sports charms. In many student dormitories, "houses", common…

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Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Institute is located in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, which is often called the “land of the living heaven.” Students from all over the world are studying at the university both in full-time and distance learning.

The institute’s campuses are located in the cities of Saskatoon, Mus Joe, Prince Albert and Regina. The institute has a program to support indigenous students – Indigenous Student Success Strategy. Saskatchewan Polytechnic is part of the Polytechnics Canada alliance along with 12 other universities offering programs with a strong research and professional component.

Students can choose from a variety of higher education and postgraduate programs that train specialists for private companies and public sector entities. Leaving the walls of the institute with in-depth knowledge of the specifics of their industry, graduates make a significant contribution to the development of the public and private sectors of the economy. 93% of the students surveyed said they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the quality of training.

International students receive all the necessary support at the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Institute. They are provided with a variety of scholarships and allowances totaling more than 2 million CAD per year. Employees of the department for working with foreign students are always ready to help students in matters related to study, language acquisition and personal well-being.

Students can choose from several accommodation options – in a dormitory, in the family, or in the private sector. Various interest clubs operate for students, and the student union organizes all kinds of collective events for them. All four campuses have sports centers and cultural events.

The student employment service aims to develop interaction between students and potential employers, including during job fairs. The institute’s powerful alumni network also provides assistance through its existing partnerships.

92% of graduates of the institute are employed within a year after graduation. Canadian companies are actively recruiting young, promising, innovatively minded professionals who can generate new ideas in the interest of enterprise development and technology improvement.

Average cost per year
CAD $ 14,960
CAD $ 16,840
Secondary vocational education
CAD $ 16,400
1 year expenses
Cost of living
CAD $ 15,000
Housing costs
CAD $ 9,360
The Saskatchewan Polytechnic Institute maintains partnerships with other organizations, striving to contribute to solving real problems of today through joint applied research. Recently, the institute began cooperation with Create Café, an organization that unites a three-dimensional printing studio and cafe in Saskatoon.

“Such collaboration is beneficial to all project participants,” said Dustin Maki, CEO and founder of Create Café. “We are infinitely grateful to the Polytechnic University for their help in conducting applied research and for the prompt transfer of the project to the implementation stage.”

Using the Industrial Research Assistance program, one of the institute’s faculties produced a set of high-performance nozzles for three-dimensional printing. They are installed on a specially modified Printron printer of the ErectorBot family, which has no analogues in Canada. The printer is owned by Randy Janes, co-owner of Create Café and owner of Wave of the Future 3D. Printron allows you to simultaneously apply six times more material than before. Thanks to new nozzles, it became possible to manufacture larger products. So, here for the first time in the world with the help of a three-dimensional printer a residential van was made.

The first high-performance nozzle was developed by Production Director and co-founder of Create Café, a graduate of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Lance Green. Green was actively involved in the process of cooperation, knowing about the great opportunities of the institute.

Tim Munch, director of CAD / CAM and mechanical engineering programs, argues that it is through such collaboration that Sask Polytech graduates are so sought after in the highly skilled labor market.

“Our students work with cutting-edge technology and thereby improve their career prospects,” says Munch.

Ten faculties of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Institute are represented on the territory of all four campuses. Among the students of 80 educational programs there are foreign students.

Business school
It offers a number of educational programs in various fields, including accounting, management, financial services, human resources, insurance and marketing.

Faculty of Civil Engineering
For those who like to build and generally work physically, the faculty offers training in such professions as a bricklayer, a carpenter and an architect-technologist.

Traditions are abundant
Traditions Traditions are in abundance in almost every college and university, but in Caltech they are not centered around ancient hymns or sports charms. In many student dormitories, "houses", common…


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