Entry Requirements
Entry Requirements Generalized entry requirements for programs. First higher education To enroll in a first higher education program, the following is required: Certificate of complete secondary education and the successful…

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University of Chicago
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Centennial College

Centennial College has come a long way from its founding in 1966 as a local community college to becoming an internationally recognized institution that accepts students from all over the world.

Due to the location of the college in Toronto, its campuses and the excellent student residence Centennial Place give students the opportunity to get acquainted with the largest city in Canada. International consultants are always ready to help students who have difficulties in the process of adaptation in a new place, supporting applicants in any matters during their studies abroad.

Centennial is proud that college students are leaving him, already ready for work. 94% of employers say they were satisfied or very satisfied with graduates who accepted the service, making Centennial a leading Toronto college in terms of employer satisfaction.

Through internships, cooperative education programs and various interactive teaching methods, the college is a leader in practical education and works directly with employers, giving students opportunities for effective networking and the development of professionalism in the learning process.

Not surprisingly, Centennial has been Canada’s most popular college among international students for 5 consecutive years. More than 80 languages ​​are spoken on the college campus, and more than 9,000 international students from 134 different countries study, making the Centennial one of Canada’s most multicultural institutions of higher education.

Whether you want to study in a 4-year program, in a 2-3-year diploma program or in a higher program that prepares for employment in just 8 months, a wide range of options are available to students at Centennial, allowing you to choose the perfect study course.

Average cost per year
CAD $ 17,000
CAD $ 14,240
Secondary vocational education
CAD $ 13,750
1 year expenses
Cost of living
CAD $ 11,000
Average rental price
CAD $ 5,250
New Downward Park Aerospace Campus
Canada ranks fifth in the world in terms of supply of aerospace technology. This project is the first step towards the creation of a training and research center for the development of new aerospace technologies in Ontario. 18.4 million Canadian dollars (CAD) from the National Strategic Investment Funds (SIF) and 25.8 million CAD from the budget of the government of Ontario were allocated for its implementation. Situated on an area of ​​about 2 hectares, the Downview campus is the new base for Centennial College’s aeronautical and aerospace programs. As conceived by its creators, the new campus should become a universal educational and research center. The construction of a new site strengthens the position of the college as a leading training center in the field of avionics, maintenance of aviation equipment and aircraft construction. The new campus will host an innovative research center that brings together major companies and leading scientific organizations in the industry, such as the University of Toronto’s Aerospace Research Institute, Ryerson University, York University, and Bombardier.

New Centennial College programs:
Aerospace Engineering
Development and design of industrial products
Creative and digital strategies in the advertising industry
Gastronomic tourism
Culinary media
Art and Entertainment Journalism
Modern journalism

Quality training
Centennial College is an accredited state educational institution, so all of its programs meet the strict educational standards set by the Ontario Department of Vocational Education and Training. The high level of Canadian higher education and strict control procedures ensure high quality education, which is recognized worldwide and is a solid foundation for the professional success of graduates in the long term. Centennial College ranks first in the Toronto region in terms of student satisfaction. Foreign students are also very pleased with their studies: 90.9% of them highly value the professional level of the faculty, and 93.2% are satisfied with the conditions created on campus.

The Center for Global Citizenship, Education and Integration is working with college teachers to include global citizenship and justice issues in curricula of various thematic and sectoral focuses. Thanks to this unique academic endeavor, students master relevant leadership skills related to global citizenship, intercultural communication, personal and social responsibility, and communication strategies. 77% of college students are convinced that education in global citizenship and justice has become an important factor for them.

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