Harvard University
Harvard is the oldest educational institution in the United States, named after its first philanthropist, John Harvard. For many years, the University has been confidently holding the first place in…

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University of Reading
Reading University has a rich history: it was founded in 1892, and in 1926 received the Royal Charter, giving the right to assign academic degrees. Over the years, the university…

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Oregon State University
Oregon State University (OSU) was founded in 1868 by order of Abraham Lincoln. Now it is one of the leading and largest state universities in the United States. It offers…

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University of the Fraser Valley

Fraser Valley University (UFV) is a Canadian public higher education institution. It has offices in the cities of Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Hope and Agassis. UFV offers more than one hundred academic programs in more than 30 areas, from accounting to graphic design.

UFV students have the opportunity to receive part of their education abroad – the university organizes studies abroad in more than 75 cities around the world. Studying abroad not only allows you to make new friends and get to know other cultures, but also enriches the student’s resume – he becomes a “citizen of the world” and, after graduation, stands out from the total mass of graduates.

The university welcomes extracurricular activity of students. For this, the UFV has over 60 different clubs and societies – from sports teams to hobby groups. An introductory program is held for newly enrolled students, during which newcomers learn on the campus and its environs, are involved in various activities and get acquainted with future fellow students.

During the training, UFV students receive comprehensive assistance and support, including the services of an international center, financial information and psychological counseling. Particular care is given to students with disabilities. Additional study groups are also being formed for students to work together under the guidance of more experienced senior students.

Thanks to the assistance of the Career Planning Center, at the time of graduation, students are fully prepared for entry into working life. The center holds individual consultations with a career instructor, who will help, in particular, to correctly compose a resume and a cover letter. You can also find out about upcoming career fairs and internship opportunities.

Average cost per year
CAD $ 17,160
CAD $ 12,500
Secondary vocational education
CAD $ 17,160
1 year expenses
Cost of living
CAD $ 9,500
Housing costs
CAD $ 5,500
Canada’s largest credit union, Coast Capital Savings, provided Fraser Valley University $ 50,000 CAD (CAD) for a student support program.

The funds will go to expand the Coast Capital Partnership and Leadership Center (PRLC), which uses the peer-to-peer model to support students.

At PRLC Coast Capital, the best students in a safe, harmonious environment conduct an objective assessment of the professional and personal resources of their peers and provide them with peer-to-peer assistance and support.

“Coast Capital Savings is committed to helping build a brighter future for our youth. By investing in cooperation projects such as our program with UFV, we are fulfilling our commitment, ”said Wendy Lachance, Director of Coast Capital Savings Community Leadership. “The Coast Capital Savings Partner Resource and Leadership Center helps educate young leaders who will provide their peers with invaluable assistance in overcoming the stressful situations that are inevitable when moving from school to college.”

“The UFV is happy to be able to constantly find new ways to help students succeed,” said UFV Rector Joan Maclean. “There is ample documentary evidence that the peer-to-peer scheme provides students with significant assistance in learning and developing the necessary skills. Since the launch of the Coast Capital Savings Partner Resource and Leadership Center, with the generous support of Coast Capital Savings, we have been able to implement a number of initiatives based on mutual support from students that help build a team spirit among UFV students. It is organizations like Coast Capital Savings that serve as the pillar of the community that make it possible for UFV to take an integrated approach to student success.

Students of the UFV College of Art are faced with the unity of theory and practice at every step – in the curriculum, in online work, in industrial practice, in the implementation of international educational cooperation projects and in other fields.

Faculty of Health Sciences
The academic programs of this faculty have earned recognition due to the high level of their practical component, advanced teaching technologies and a student-oriented approach to the educational process. Graduates of the faculty are highly appreciated by employers due to their comprehensive knowledge, critical thinking, mastery of professional skills and professionalism in practical work.

Faculty of vocational training
The faculty includes the School of Business, the School of Social and Humanitarian Services, and several other departments and departments specializing in pedagogy.


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