Oxford University
Founded at the end of the 11th century, the University of Oxford is the oldest institution of higher education not only in Great Britain, but also in Europe. Today, more…

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University of the Fraser Valley
Fraser Valley University (UFV) is a Canadian public higher education institution. It has offices in the cities of Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Hope and Agassis. UFV offers more than one hundred…

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The changes frighten many, especially such cardinal ones as entering a university abroad. Unfamiliar society, unknown rules of the game - everything is not like ours. But the most important…

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Trent University

Founded with an emphasis on interactive learning, Trent University has been recognized as the best undergraduate university in Ontario for 8 consecutive years and is among the top 3 universities across Canada. Peterborough University Campus is just 90 minutes from downtown Toronto, on the scenic banks of the Otonabee River. This allows students to simultaneously enjoy nature and city life. The GTA Durham Campus is located in Oshawa, 40 minutes from downtown Toronto, and boasts a close-knit community.

The idea of ​​Trent University is based on leadership and social change. The university took 2nd place in Ontario in the categories of “most innovative university” and “training tomorrow’s leaders.” Curricula, life on campus and beyond encourages students to collaborate, innovate and participate in various projects. Students, teachers and graduates of Trent University strive to find sustainable solutions to world problems, thereby supporting the fundamental principles of the university. The university has a global vision, it teaches students from 110 countries and from all over Canada. All this means that 95% of students are satisfied that they decided to study at Trent University.

The university boasts excellent results from its graduates. As many as 90% of university graduates triple for work within 6 months after graduation, and 97% within 2 years after graduation.

Average cost per year
CAD $ 21,830
CAD $ 25,000
1 year expenses
Cost of living
CAD $ 11,750
Housing costs
CAD $ 9,500
Trent University is constantly being upgraded to give students the best experience. Among the latest developments of the university:

Bata Library
The new library includes a center for entrepreneurship and social innovation, an educational design research studio, zones for group and individual interactive classes, a critical thinking studio, new book and non-print collections.

Durham GTA campus extension
The GTA Durham Campus in Oshawa has been expanded. Now it includes new living rooms for students (to be opened in the fall of 2020), new academic areas, including teachers’ offices and classrooms, as well as a new central open recreation area for students.

Trent University, in collaboration with the Peterborough Rowing Club, has been recognized as the Rowing Canada NextGen Hub rowing center. This means that future Olympians will hone their rowing skills here.

Student center
In 2017, a new student center was opened on the Peterborough campus. This is a place where students can get together, study and study, socialize and participate in campus life. From the building of the center, views of the Otonabi River open, and it is he who is the heart of student life on campus.

University schools
University curricula are distributed across different campuses and colleges. It is important for students to keep this in mind when submitting introductory documents. Programs are offered in various fields, including arts and sciences. At the same time, several schools operate on the campus:

School of Pedagogy and Vocational Training
The pedagogy school gives students the skills necessary to work in the field of education. It offers teacher education for future teachers and a coherent B. Ed. for those who want to teach in elementary, middle or high school. Students also have a master’s degree in pedagogy with a specialization in pedagogical sciences. In addition, the school offers a course in pedagogical and social leadership. It is intended for professionals who want to move up the career ladder and take leadership positions.

School of Environmental Sciences
The recently established School of Environmental Sciences covers a number of programs that have been developed at Trent University over the years. This makes the university popular among future leaders in the field of ecology and environmental sciences. It offers BA and BSc degrees in geography, environmental restoration, environmental chemistry, water sciences, sustainable agriculture, and food systems. Master’s programs in environmental sciences, life sciences, and sustainable development are also offered. Students can also receive dual specialization within the same school, or by combining the specializations of two different schools. Thus, the student can choose the program that best suits his interests.

Entry Requirements
Each program has its own requirements for applicants. At the same time, there are general entry requirements for Trent University. All students applying for admission must have a certificate of complete secondary education.

English language requirements
All applicants must meet the minimum requirements for English proficiency. Minimum TOEFL requirements: a minimum score of 86 IBT and at least 20 points in the written part or a minimum score of 580 PBT and at least 4.5 points in the written part.

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