Yale university
Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut is one of the most famous private research universities in the Ivy League. Founded in 1701 in the Connecticut colony, the university is the…

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University of Bristol
The University of Bristol is 49th in the world and 9th in the UK in the QS World University rankings 2020. The university is internationally recognized for providing students with…

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Imperial College London
Imperial College London for many years in the lead in the world rankings as one of the best high-tech technical universities in the world. The main specialization is science, medicine…

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New Jersey Institute of Technology

New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) is one of the recognized leaders in science and technology education. The Institute prepares students for a successful career in the rapidly changing technology industries. NJIT is an impeccable reputation, the best teachers and the most modern resources. The Institute develops fruitful relations with employers and gives students the knowledge and competencies that will help them become leaders in their fields. He is the first among American universities i

NJIT is located in the heart of Newark, a vibrant and vibrant city, just a 20-minute drive from Manhattan and the most exciting places in stunning New York.

NJIT is widely known for the level and quality of its scientific infrastructure. In 2016, the institute allocated 121 million dollars for research. The structure of NJIT includes 40 research centers covering a wide variety of areas – from the laboratory of cell engineering, which deals with stem cells and tissues, to the center of applied mathematics and statistics.

A specially organized career planning service helps students to formulate a clear “career” strategy and effectively prepare for future professional activities. The service consultants provide students with comprehensive support: prepare them for interviews with employers, help organize internships in the private and public sectors, etc.

The institute continues to grow; over the past 10 years, its campus has doubled. New hostels open, an impressive Campus Center built. Students are actively involved in sports, using modern sports facilities. Many NJIT teams compete in the first division of the National University Sports Association (NCAA). The institute also has opportunities for students with creative inclinations. In particular, student performances are staged at the theater for 425 seats twice a year. In general, in addition to studying, everyone will find something to their taste here.

Average cost per year
US $ 29,586
US $ 29,960
1 year expenses
Cost of living
US $ 13,600
Average rental price
US $ 9,804
NJIT is actively developing, something new is always happening at the institute. He finances the improvement of the existing infrastructure, builds new spaces, attracts excellent teachers – all in order to provide students with better conditions for fruitful study and a rich, interesting life.

The most noticeable result of campus modernization is the new sports and entertainment center with an area of ​​18,500 sq m with a 25-meter swimming pool, a green sports ground (930 sq m) and a sports arena with 3,500 seats.

The new interdisciplinary science and engineering center offers great opportunities for student learning and scientific cooperation. In addition to the scientific “filling” itself, the center includes a two-story atrium, presentation space, an external platform and a lounge for students to study and relax.

Another pride of the institute is Makerspace, a professional and training center for prototyping with an area of ​​slightly less than 1000 square meters with a variety of equipment, from 3D printers to industrial plants such as high-precision measuring machines and laser cutting machines. The center is designed to attract manufacturers to the campus – here they are offered the most advanced tools for creating and testing prototypes, which will then become innovative products.

These impressive accomplishments and ambitious plans for the future show that NJIT is successfully responding to the challenges of today.

NJIT is an optimal combination of scientific, technical and humanitarian education. The Institute seeks to overcome the traditional approach, considering specialties separately from each other (engineering, architecture, natural sciences, etc.), and develops interdisciplinary education at the intersection of disciplines. Now almost 11500 people are employed in various NJIT programs. The Institute systematically develops new programs and training options that meet the changing needs of modern students. At six NJIT colleges and schools, we are pleased to see international students:

Newark College of Engineering
Provides first-class engineering education and offers a wide selection of programs in a variety of fields, including biomedical engineering, pharmaceutical technology and transportation.

College of exact, natural and human sciences
Six departments of the College of Exact, Natural and Human Sciences (College of Science and Liberal Arts) offer undergraduate and graduate programs in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, humanities and so on.

School of Management Martin Tachman
The prestigious AACSB (Association for the Development of University Business Schools) accreditation testifies to the school’s compliance with the highest world standards in business education.

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Yale University Campus
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