Yale University Campus
On the territory of the university there are many scientific and popular student magazines and newspapers. The Yale Record, founded in 1872, is the world's oldest humor magazine. Newspapers are…

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UCL University College London
UCL has been named the Sunday Times by the world-class intellectual generator of ideas. The UCL has given the world 26 Nobel laureates and every decade since the creation of…

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Centennial College
Centennial College has come a long way from its founding in 1966 as a local community college to becoming an internationally recognized institution that accepts students from all over the…

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Texas State University

Texas State University is a public research university in San Marcos, Texas, USA. The university ranks 4th in size among state educational institutions. TXST boasts an idyllic location close to the Texas prairies and the San Marcos River. The university accepts students from all over the world who come here to study. The university is proud of the diversity of its academic community. More than half of TXST students are from ethnic minorities. In addition to the San Marcos campus, the university also has another Round Rock campus located in northern Austin.

More than 200 undergraduate and graduate programs are offered at the university’s 9 colleges. The option of studying abroad is very popular among TXST students. This option allows students to get acquainted with the new culture and gain international experience as part of their curriculum.

The university campus has more than 400 student clubs and organizations, from sports cubes to interest groups. The university also has a student newspaper, The University Star, and its own KTSW radio station. This allows students studying journalism to gain valuable hands-on experience.

The university campus is completely non-smoking and is known for modern facilities and equipment. There is a performing arts center, music studios, a rock garden, a student sustainable farm, a water sports center, playgrounds and tennis courts.

TXST students have access to various types of support. In particular, the university provides assistance to students with disabilities, offers students free mentoring, provides financial support and provides confidential counseling. In addition, the university has a career service. It offers a variety of services, from individual support to assistance in finding internships and post-graduate work.

The University presented the University Master Plan development plan for the period from 2017 to 2027, which offers premium infrastructure facilities, and at the same time supports the initiative to develop a green campus. Recently, the university built a bachelor’s academic center and a performing arts center, renovated academic buildings, opened three new residential complexes and a new engineering building, expanded its recreational student center, Bobcat Stadium, and built three parking garages.

As part of the 2017-2027 University Master Plan, the following projects were implemented for the following facilities:

San Marcos Park
The university equipped the top of the hill and created a residential quarter, built a new scientific and technical area, opened extensive outdoor recreation areas, student leisure areas and parking garages.

Campus Round Rock
Work on the campus was completed on campus, and new buildings were introduced.

An STAR park with urban design and buildings along the main pedestrian street was created. The project emphasizes the dynamic and entrepreneurial character of the university research area.

LBJ Student Center Extension
Currently, construction work is underway to expand the student center. A new center will open for students with a reconstructed lobby, a second ballroom, conference rooms, meeting areas, informal public areas, a lounge and an expanded reception center. Completion is planned in 2020.

Expansion of the university event center
Work is also underway to expand the event center through a new loading platform with access to lower level sports grounds, multi-purpose areas, as well as additional locker rooms and offices.

Texas State University offers 98 undergraduate programs, 93 graduate programs and 14 doctoral programs. These degree programs are offered in colleges that specialize in the following areas:

Agriculture and Food Sciences
Students can choose one of such specializations as agriculture, agricultural management systems, animal science, consumer relations, dietetics, horticultural business, nutrition and food sciences, plant and soil sciences.

Business and Administration
Students can develop their entrepreneurial skills by choosing one of the programs in accounting, computer information systems, finance, economics, industrial technology, marketing, analysis, international sciences and other disciplines.

Students can develop their communication skills and work directly with media clients, striving for professional and civic development.

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