The changes frighten many, especially such cardinal ones as entering a university abroad. Unfamiliar society, unknown rules of the game - everything is not like ours. But the most important…

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Education abroad has long been a reality for Ukrainian applicants. Today anyone who seeks knowledge and speaks a good foreign language can receive a diploma from a European university. In…

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Cambridge university
In the world rankings of universities, the University of Cambridge invariably takes the highest places, competing with Oxford for the title of the best university. In addition, Cambridge is one…

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Yale university

Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut is one of the most famous private research universities in the Ivy League. Founded in 1701 in the Connecticut colony, the university is the third oldest institution of higher education in the United States. In 2014, Yale ranked third in the U.S. ranking of US national universities. News & World Report. For the past ten years in a row, Yale has traditionally taken this position in the ranking, behind Princeton and Harvard. He became the fourth in the international QS World University Rankings for 2011, and a year before this – the tenth in the world ranking of the Times Higher Education magazine.

An energetic, exciting, multicultural educational environment has formed at Yale University, about 18% of all high school students are foreigners. Yale began accepting foreign students two centuries ago, in 1800. Today, the international community of Yale University is the most diverse and numerous in its entire history, 2249 foreign students from 118 countries study at different programs.

The beginning of the formation of Yale University can be traced back to the 1640s, when the colonial clerics of New Haven decided to make every possible effort to create a college that would keep the traditions of European liberal education in the New World. Such an institution was created in 1701, when the school charter was adopted “in which Young people can be taught Humanitarian and Exact Sciences, and through the blessing of the Almighty will be adapted for service, both for the good of the Church and for the good of the state.” In 1718, the school was renamed Yale College as a sign of gratitude to a Welsh merchant named Elihu Yale, who donated to the school all the profits from the sale of another consignment of goods, as well as a library of 417 books and a portrait of King George I.

The first foreign students began to appear in Yale after the 1830s, when a student from Latin America joined the university. The first Chinese citizen, who received a degree from a Western educational institution, studied in Yale, where he entered in 1850. Today, about 9% of undergraduate students (and about 16% of all university students) are foreign citizens.

Yale University prepares and produces successful and outstanding people. Among his most famous graduates are US presidents William Howard Taft, Gerald Ford, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush; members of royal families – Victoria Bernadot, prince Rostislav Romanov and prince of Akiiki Hosea Nyabongo; the heads of state, including Mario Monti (Italian Prime Minister), Tansu Chiller (Turkish Prime Minister), Ernesto Zedillo (President of Mexico), Carl Carstens (President of Germany) and Philippine President José Laurel.

Founded in 1701. Location Connecticut. The number of students is 11880.

Academic specialization
In the ranking of American national universities for the 2014/2015 academic year, compiled by the journal U.S. News & World Report, Yale University ranks third. For the past ten years in a row, Yale has traditionally taken this position in the ranking, behind Princeton and Harvard. In the Academic Ranking of World Universities (Academic Ranking of World Universities, ARWU), Yale University ranked 25th in the world in science and mathematics, ranked from 76th to 100th in engineering / technology and computer science, 9th in life sciences and agricultural sciences, 21st place in clinical medicine and pharmacology, and 8th in the social sciences.

The three main academic components of Yale University are: Yale College (undergraduate programs), the Graduate School of Humanities, Exact Sciences and Natural Sciences, and several schools with vocational training programs in various fields. In addition, Yale has a large number of specialized centers, libraries, museums and administrative departments.

Architectural School
School of Art
School of Theology
School of Dramatic Art
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
School of Forest and Environmental Research
Law school
School of Management
Medical school
School of Music
School of Nursing
School of Public Health
Institute of Sacred Music

Yale University is located in New Haven, Connecticut, the old port city 120 km northeast of New York.

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