Harvard University
Harvard is the oldest educational institution in the United States, named after its first philanthropist, John Harvard. For many years, the University has been confidently holding the first place in…

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Student life saturation
The saturation of student life is caused not only by the fact that the university is located in the world capital, but also by the fact that there is a…

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Imperial College London
Imperial College London for many years in the lead in the world rankings as one of the best high-tech technical universities in the world. The main specialization is science, medicine…

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Princeton University

Princeton University is a member of the prestigious Ivy League. Founded as a college in 1746, Princeton is the fourth oldest educational institution in the United States. Today, Princeton is an independent co-educational institution not affiliated with any denomination. It provides higher education in the humanities and social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. Thanks to the desire for the most outstanding achievements and discoveries, a high level of research and the dissemination of acquired knowledge, Princeton has earned worldwide fame as one of the best research universities. At the same time, Princeton stands out among research universities for its serious attitude towards the development of undergraduate programs and teaching.

The College of New Jersey (under this name Princeton was known for the first 150 years) was founded in 1746 and became the fourth college in British North America. During the first year of its existence, the college operated in the town of Elizabeth, then for nine years it was transported to Newark, and only in 1756 he moved to Princeton and housed in the new building of Nassau Hall, built on land donated by Nathaniel Fitzrandolf. The college has been located in the Nassau building for almost half a century. In 1896, when, after expanding the list of educational programs, the College of New Jersey received university status, it was officially renamed Princeton University, in honor of its Princeton. Four years later, in 1900, a high school was opened at Princeton University with graduate and postgraduate programs.

For nearly 270 years, more than 120,000 men and women have entered the world as graduates of the university today known as Princeton University. Many of them became state leaders and congressional leaders; built a career in medicine, law, business; rallied the nation, making research much more accessible and understandable; received prizes, honors and awards. Princeton University has raised 11 Nobel laureates and 4 Pulitzer Prize winners. Notable alumni include US President Woodrow Wilson; John Forbes Nash, a prototype of the protagonist of the film “Mind Games”; model and actress Brooke Shields; US First Lady Michelle Obama.

Founded in 1746. The location of New Jersey. The number of students is 5320. Students’ satisfaction is 98%.

Academic specialization
From 2001 to 2015 school years, Princeton University held the first two places in the ranking of national universities in the journal U.S. News & World Report (USNWR), with the first place he occupied 13 of those 15 years. Princeton was ranked first in the latest US News rankings, as well as in a separate ranking for “the best undergraduate programs.”

The most popular areas of Princeton University:

Economy (general course);
Political science and public administration (general course);
Molecular biology;
Psychology (general course);
Analysis of public policy (general course).

The average percentage of students moving to the second year (i.e. student satisfaction rate) is 98.3%.

Princeton University is located in the heart of Princeton, New Jersey. An excellent network of bus, rail and road routes and routes allows you to quickly (within one hour) get to Princeton from several major cities: Philadelphia and Trenton in the south, Newark and New York to the north. Each of them (with the exception of Trenton) has its own international airport. Bus stops and train stations from which you can go to these cities are located near the campus.

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